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So, You Want to be a Ghost Hunter

    Number one rule for our group, Family Comes First! It is with the understanding of the passion we have for ghost hunting, that our families support us. Our team has been averaging two investigations per month, and three in some. That’s basically two weekends shot for any family activities. So what I am saying, that this not your decision alone to make. The consent of the family will make for a smoother ride. I am definitely lucky in that department. My wife knows I have been bitten by the "ghost hunting bug” and that there is no cure for it. She actually encouraged me to look into joining a group since I felt so strongly about the subject.
    Next are the responsibilities, passion and time needed to go into this field. If you don’t have all three of these, I suggest you find another activity to fill that void. There will be countless hours needed to go through all the evidence. There is audio evidence, video evidence and photo evidence. Most of our investigations run 6-8 hours, so for every voice recorder and every video device used, they must be listened to or watched back in real time. Not to mention that if you do get something from reviewing evidence, it must be extracted from the file or video, sent to the other investigators in the group to be approved before presenting it as evidence to the client. Also we have just recently been creating a PowerPoint presentation for our client which takes up even more of our time. 
    After reading the preceding paragraph, meeting all the criteria and you still want to become a ghost hunter… GO FOR IT! Use the internet and research ghost hunters in your area. See if they are accepting new members. Tell them you may be interested in joining their group, and ask if you could tag along on an investigation. Don’t buy any equipment yet. You may decide after going on a hunt that is just is not for you, and then you are stuck with expenses that could have been avoided. Almost everyone has a digital camera, so if you have one, take it along with you. It doesn’t have to be an expensive model with a trillion megapixels, if a ghost is going to appear for you, I don’t believe he will be checking the quality of your camera before making his presence known. Once you finished the investigation and seen what was involved, only then you can make that final decision, "I want to be a ghost hunter!”
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