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Shades Hair and Spa Salon - Red Lion, PA


On behalf of GASP - Ghost and Spirit Paranormal, we like like to sincerely thank Shari for sharing her experiences and her salon for our investigation. After covering the place top to bottom, we had about a 5 hour investigation. Throughout the night we were having equipment issues, which seems par for the course according to the owner, Shari, her staff, and their clients. Upon review of evidence, we found that two perfectly good voice recorders shut off, upon inspection of both, they still had 2/3 battery left, and were functioning properly.

Shari and Theresa accompanied us on this investigation. Thoughout the investigation there were some strange things occurring, some we picked up on and others we would not find until our evidence was reviewed.Their were claims of cats being  felt and heard. In fact while were were up in the attic Scott heard a cat, and it was also picked up on the recorder. Shari also got her leg rubbed against, which startled her a bit.

According to Shari there are other spirits there, and their prescence is felt often from herself, her staff and occasionally  clients, The feelings they get from the spirits residing there, is more of  a welcoming feeling. Upon her request, no action is to be taken to clear her establishment.

Paranormal Claims

- Basement a bulb burst
- Movement of people walking past doorway
- Feeling and hearing cats
- Sound of a rubber ball bouncing
- Products on shelf flew off
- Reflection in mirrors
- Smell of flowers / perfume
- Old woman seen in basement
- Lights flickering
- Black thing in swamp room
- Tugging in the msin room
- Feeling of being pushed downstairs
- Clients see little boy
- Kids talk to other kids upstairs

Evidence Collected

Upon reviewing all the evidence, we have not found and photo or video occurrences, but audio was a different matter. For some audio, to hear better may require headphones.

Audio and EVP's

Cat Sound

Shari's Feet Touched

Child's Voice

Strange Sound

Weird Noise and Music Sound

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