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Donald Ream - Co-Founder/Lead Investigator
Don lives in York,Pa. He owns and operates a painting business "Dream Painting, LLC" for the past 14 years. When not working he enjoys spending time with his family, playing basketball, fishing, practicing martial arts, not to mention rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins, Pirates & the North Carolina Tarheels.
 Don is President of the Steelers Fan Club of York. He has been married for 13 years old, has an 20 year old daughter & an 8 year old son.  He has always had an interest in the paranormal and states, "I am finally ready to make the most of this opportunity to learn & experience the techniques needed for ghost hunting", which landed him a spot aboard the Ghost Hunters Inc Team for the past 2 years.
Scott Wise - Co-Founder/Lead Investigator
As far back as I could remember, I have always been interested in everything paranormal, and spent countless hours reading and researching what I could about the subject. I have been asked numerous times by people why I wanted to become a paranormal investigator, and many investigators would answer that question "I have seen things or had an experience I can’t explain”. Well, for me it was the opposite. The lack of paranormal occurrences in my life, pretty much made up my mind to try to do something to increase my chances of witnessing something otherworldly. With the continuing support of my wife Sharon (skeptic) and my son Connor ("I wanna go ghost hunting with you, Daddy”), I dove head first into the so-called pool of the paranormal.
                                                                 Bill Heiland - Tech/Lead Investigator

My Name is Bill Heiland,

I was born January 26, 1967 in York, PA, I have been a Journeyman Printer for the past quarter century. Married since 2001 to Michelle and we now live in Dover, PA.

 My interest in the paranormal began some 25 years ago at a family member’s house, where I had an experience that changed the way I looked at the paranormal, of course back then you would have been labeled crazy for talking about such things.

My interests are playing my acoustic guitar, paranormal investigations and studies. I also like to tinker with technology and software to find better ways to collect paranormal evidence, and I like cemeteries, abandoned ones are the best. There are just so many stories at these locations and I would love nothing more than to find out those stories from the ones who lived them.

Angie Stonesifer - Investigator

 I'm a graphic designer currently working as an Administrative/Marketing Assistant and live in York with my son and husband of 18 years.  I grew up with a love for the scary and macabre.  Vincent Price and Doctor Shock frequented the family television often, and I loved reading authors such as John Saul, Dean Koontz and Stephen King. 

As I grew older I became more open minded about the paranormal.  As I began hearing of experiences from other people, I became interested in finding out whether true hauntings really existed. I'm a fan of ghost hunting documentaries, and also have gone on ghost tours and small impromptu hunts without ever having a personal experience. This changed in 2009 while investigating with a group headed by Shane Free, who was filming an independent film called "Investigating the Afterlife". The investigation I took part in took place at the Prospect Place Mansion in Ohio. My friend and I were investigating the basement and heard a small child call out to us.  Also in the ballroom, I saw my first shadow person. I was hooked, and it's why I'm thrilled to be a part of GASP today.


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