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All the members of team GASP appreciate your consideration for providing you the service we so proudly offer. We have many years involved in this field and have experienced many different situations; some explained away and others left us scratching our heads. We have had much success with the gathering of evidence over the years that has also had our clients wondering. We will do everything within our means to get to the optimal outcome of your issues involving the paranormal. If we feel we have a situation when investigating that we don't have professional knowledge of, like banishing spirits, we can provide services of a pychic free of charge, to come to the location.
For us to do our job throughly and to provide you with the best service available, any information you can provide, may have more value then you are aware of. We have available below a three forms for you to download. Some questions you may think have no revelance to your situation, but we have those questions there so they we can assess the situation before coming for the Pre-Investigation, where we do a walk through of the property, and sit down talk about the occurences. Thank you for your cooperation.
Please email completed form to Scott Wise -
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