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Case #: 2011-07-23-01 - Private Residence in Windsor, PA
This case we got courteous of our Psychic/Medium team member, Lisa. This is a house owned by one of her relatives. The property also has a barn and huge field connected to it. Lisa called and told us of some of the things that were going on at their residence. Below are some of the paranormal claims:
Paranormal Claims

- Report of a headless man spotted in the field beside the property
- Black masses and shadows seen in the barn
- Objects being thrown
- Male in house had his nipple scratched while in the shower
- Mattress had an impression like someone either standing or sitting on edge of bed
Setting up went pretty quickly. We one IR Camera in one of the bedrooms upstairs where there were reports of things being thrown. We also placed 2 other IR Cameras, one in the basement, and one covering as much as the field as possible to try to capture the man in the field. We had also covered the barn where the shadows were reported with a Sony Digital HandyCam with Super NightShot.
For this investigation we had the family join us, and would like to thank them for letting investigate and also for their professionalism during the hunt. Their participation proved to be imperative, especially while doing our EVP sessions. With their knowledge of the history not just of the property itself, but with knowing the names of the the past relatives associated at one time or the other with the property.
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