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Main » Files » Case # 2014-12-06 Zion Lutheran Church Video

Video Evidence
2015-03-24, 10:14 PM

                 At the very beginning of video at the end of the hallway through the
              door, you can see a light.
 We thought it could have came from a
              flashlight of the investigators present that night. Next 
you will see
              all 4 investigators walk down that hallway towards the door.



                 There is nothing to look for in this video. We have it for audio
                 purposes only. You can hear "HA HA HA" in the recording.



                 This is pretty much self-explanatory, the camera moves by itself, there were no
                 investigators in that part of the building when this occurred.



                 This anomaly was picked up from one of our dvr cameras pointed down the hallway. You
                 notice something flying around. Most of the time we dismiss these, and chalk it up to
                 airborne particulates. We thought though since the speed and the and path it followed
                 could be something else. Not saying its definitely paranormal, but thought it was
                 interesting enough to show you.



            This audio was picked up on this video which was not heard at that time. It was also picked
            up on two other audio recorders. In the video Bill is setting camera up, a choir was picked
            up on the video file. Please listen to it and let us know if you recognize the song. We dissected
            the file and we believe that towards the end we hear "Loves Divining". There is a rather famous
            song called "Loves Divining" but the melody does not sound the same, plus I imagine there are
            tons of hymns that have Love Divining in.




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