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Cards With Jack
[ Download from this server (137.7 Kb) ] 2013-03-20, 11:10 AM
Cards With Jack - In Jacks Room (Jack was a guest at the house and he was known to be a gambler of sort, cards in particular), Scott asked if he wanted to play cards and a few seconds later we get a very strange noise... not sure what to make of it.
Category: Case # 2013-02-23-01 - Palmyra Museum - EVP Files | Added by: BeerAllMine
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2 Christopher Cox  
The "swoosh" Elizabeth refers to sounds like the shuffling of cards as when the two halves of the deck are meshed back together. The name Cox here is not a coincidence, I am her husband.

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1 Elizabeth Eagan-Cox  
Scott, when I listened to this EVP, my immediate impression is the odd sound is a low-toned 'swoosh" or a low-toned male-voiced whistle.

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