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Over Here
[ Download from this server (421.4 Kb) ] 2012-02-27, 5:28 PM
Over Here - When Bill and his group entered the barn, someone in the group said "Hello". Shortly after you can hear a voice say "Over Here."
Category: Case # 2012-01-21-01 - Battlefield B and B - EVPs | Added by: BeerAllMine
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1 Edson  
I can hear something that soudns like an adult voice.. very creepy adult voice. I can only hear it if The baby is in the room.The sound comes from the baby moniter,but standing by the door,or in the hallI can't hear it.This room has long been weird to us,it is cooler than the other rooms,but it also doesn't get direct sun.Other family members have complained about general creepiness in this room.It use to be the guest room. It's the only room we have to put our baby.Moving him isn't an option.He doesn't appear to be afraid of being in there.If it's a ghost,I am thinking having the room blessed by our parish priest will help.I'm afraid he will think I'm bonkers.

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