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Main » Files » Case # 2011-10-07 - Prudhommes Hotel - EVP Files

Hey, Watch It
[ Download from this server (91.4 Kb) ] 2011-12-19, 10:45 AM
Hey Watch It - This EVP was captured on the 3rd floor when Scott and Angie were doing a Ghost Box EVP session. Angie walked out of the front room to check the rooms in the rear of the building. On the way she tripped over some paint cans that were on the floor. In the beginning of the recording right before she tripped you can hear "Hey watch it!”.
Category: Case # 2011-10-07 - Prudhommes Hotel - EVP Files | Added by: BeerAllMine
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Prob @MrMikeydikey Prob met him in acting scoohl.. Oh wait nvm he's a horrible actor. Oh and I'm sure this kid is lying his off.. Just wants to sound cool and act like he knows him, I'll find out i actually know him

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