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Ralph Ain't Here
[ Download from this server (79.0 Kb) ] 2011-08-18, 10:26 AM
Ralph Ain't Here - This EVP was captured off the Ghost Box. While doing the GB session, I asked if it could say the name Ralph. A voice came back and said "Ralph Ain't Here".
Category: Case # 2011-08-07-01 - Prudhommes - EVP Files | Added by: BeerAllMine
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The door was opened by me, crceohud out of sight on the floor. I wanted a shot of the door opening but did not want to be in it! The only other person in that whole hallway was the camera man, who had the camera on a tripod diagonally away and three feet (no more) from the door. Camera man stood behind the camera; he was using manual focus. I did not move anything other than my hand, when I nudged the bottom corner of the door to make it swing inward. Camera man did not move because it was not necessary; it was a stationary shot of the door opening and we were both aware of the old wood flooring so were specially still so as not to ruin any footage. The only light beyond natural light was the light on the camera we did not set up extra lighting on that one. To cause that shadow, in that narrow hallway, something had to pass in front of the light. Which means it would have had to have gone between me and the tripod. And I assure you, nothing did. I would have been in the frame had I stood up. It was a tight shot.

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